"I have worked with with Loyd steadily over the last 17 years and two things stick to mind, his range  and his attitude.  We have assigned Loyd countless stories on subjects that could hardly be more different. Doesn’t matter. He handles them all with panache. And Loyd is the quintessential yes man. When in a bind and we need something done with zero notice his answer is always, “piece of cake.”  That positive spirit is infectious and life saving for stressed out editors. Two other points about Loyd, he is willing to work with whatever budget we have and his specialty is in interviewing."

Lee Hurley, Editor
Tailgater Magazine, Portico, & Business Expansion Journal

"As an editor, I could always count on Loyd to offer interesting story ideas that address a range of audiences. He churns out ideas faster than I could assign them! In recent years, we've flipped roles and Loyd has served as project manager on stories I've contributed to. In that role, he's eager to communicate and ensure each writer is satisfied with assignments and deadlines. Regardless of the task, Loyd is cheerful and works to ensure happiness of all involved in an assignment."

Carla Jean Whitley, Former Managing Editor, Birmingham Magazine 
Contributor, Tailgater Magazine